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Digitizing "How to Sell" Onboarding


- Successes

Design and deploy an "How to Sell" Onboarding learning path for all new comers in sales roles, across the globe
Blended learning content with
- byte-size learning chunck
- instructor led hands-on training internally delivered with flipped class room principles
- over first 90 days (base case)
- with retention assessment (quiz, case study, ...) at the end, triggering a "ready to engage" certification

- Challenges
Move from a purely event based, twice a year on-boarding practice, lecture based, limited in reach (countries)

- Learnings
Being pragmatic in applying 70|20|10 model
- Reveal / promote “in the playground” enablement practices
- Optimize overall learning journey across touch points, resources and modalities: big picture
- Be inclusive = ability to deliver “core curriculum” in all countries, local flexibility in pace

- Recommendations
Start with the end in mind
- Expected measurable / observable capabilities after 3 to 6 months
- Design concurrently “assessment content” and “learning content”

Embark subject matter experts: coach on pedagogy, adapt on authoring capabilities
- Good enough is better than nothing!
- From “Rich” E-learning through Voice over on .ppt-like deck to Videocast

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