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Roadmap Towards a (Corporate) Digital learning strategy

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Francois FOURNIER, 20 Mar 16

»- Successes Design and deploy an "How to Sell" Onboarding learning path for all new comers in sales roles, across the globe Blended learning content with - byte-size learning chunck - instru…

Digitizing "How to Sell" Onboarding

Francois FOURNIER, 08 Mar 16

»As illustrated in the insights shared and additional resources curated, there is no unique , "one fits all" answer to the question of the most relevant content type or format. Personnally, I c…

Learning type or format : individual preferences vs. effectiveness and impact

Francois FOURNIER, 06 Mar 16

»Unleashing or leveraging the full potential of digital learning driven by effectiveness and impact, in the full spectrum of learning activities or resources. Not going digital just for being d…


Francois FOURNIER, 06 Mar 16