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Getting to know each other: please present yourself

We would like to use this platform to get to know each other better.
For that purpose, we would like to use the new journal function which you can access through the green button below. You access the journal anytime in the tab bar through the button "Journal" next to the "Announcements".

Please make a new journal entry explaining where you live, where you work and why you would like to participate in the tutoring programme.

Please click on "new entry" to post a new entry for telling us about yourself. Below the textbox you will find a dropdown menu with the title "Permissions", please select "Course" to make sure your journal entry is only visible to other GLU tutors.

Information about Me.

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Profile of Mr. Eustace Imoyera JAMES born on 4th April, 1977 at Uluoke-Uzairue in Edo State, Nigeria.

In 2005, obtained a Master Degree (MA) in Labour Policies and Globalisation from the University of Kassel/Berlin School of Economics, Germany. Hold a first degree in Geography and Regional Planning from the University of Benin, Nigeria in 1998 with a Second Class Honor (Upper Division). Further obtained a Certificate in Migration in ACP Countries: Promoting Development and Enhancing Protection Cluster: Social Protection. Also, obtained a Certificate in Project Cycle Management from the ITCILO-Training Centre.

Attended several trainings and courses; In July, 2009, attended a course on Gender Studies at the NLC Rain School and obtained a certificate. In March 2009, attended the GLU Sub-Sahara Africa Alumni Workshop on Decent Work in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2008, attended the Second GLU Alumni Summer School in Berlin, Germany, where the topic was Labour and Global Governance; Trade Union perspective, with focus on trade and development; international financial crises and its implication for labour and union organizing strategies.

In 2007, attended a programme on Workers Driven Organising Model organized by America Centre for International Labour Solidarity, in Lagos. Also attended the First GLU Alumni Summer School in Kassel, Germany, where the topic was labour and development, with a particular focus on: North-South history; Social and Economic Theory; Economic Policy Formulation; Universal Social Protection; Labour and Informal Economy; and, Global Governance. In the same year, I obtained a certificate in Leadership Course at the NLC Hamattan School that took place December 2007 in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria.

In 2004, obtained a Diploma Certificate in Social Security and Social Protection from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Training Institute in Turin, Italy. While, in 2002, attended the NLC Hamattan School where he obtained a Certificate on Work Place Representation in Bauchi, Nigeria

In 2001, attended a Course on International Labour Standards and Declaration at the African Regional Labour Administrative College, Harare-Zimbabwe and obtained a Certificate in ILO Declarations and Principles of Fundamental Human Rights.

I am currently an Assistant General Secretary in charge of Education and Training Department of the NLC. Also, a members of the NLC National Educational Activities Coordinating Group, a Facilitator of the NLC Study Circle Educational Methodology, a Facilitator of the NLC National Schools (Rain and Harmattan School).

In 2006-2011, worked in the Industrial Relations Department as Assistant Secretary, assisting the Head of Department on Labour and Industrial Relations matters of affiliates unions, State Councils and discourse on issues of social protection and social security of workers.

From 2011 till date, I am is working on the Occupational Health and Safety issues in collaboration with the Industrial Relations Department of the NLC, responsible for Education, Training, Sensitisation, Awareness creation, Policy Advocacy and Mobilisation of NLC Staff and members of Affiliate Unions of the NLC on health matters, prevention and precautionary measures, especially on HIV/AID, Tuberculosis and Malaria (ATM).

I also actively participate in the discourse on issues that bordered on Workplace Occupational Health and Safety Health Policy formulation and implementation.


almost 3 years ago

As an Alumni of the GLU am much willing and excited to be part of this noble project and do hope and pledge to give my best contributions to the success of the project.

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