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I notice that small and middle sized societies are not heard in France (by the government, the banks, the institutions at large), becaus they don't produce writings about them (in opposition to big companies that report a lot).
We must consider those small businesses for what they are : small sized, but not less intelligent, innovative, deserving... than the big ones !
I want to give them modern tools (and not only the traditional SWOT) to analyse, think, build their business model and strategic project.
I am also convinced that they should be more unified and locally rooted to get bigger and go further.

My personnal values are in open mind, culture, collective intelligence etc.

That's why I want to create a place where the executives of those small companies would meet to think together about social innovation, the factory of future, internet of things, Big Data, New business models... The meetings would mix different type of participants (artists, sport managers, university teachers, executives, journalists...). Each meeting would have a double goal : the writing of an article or an essay & a list of 2 or 3 simple actions to apply immediatly in small companies.

I could also rent rooms for meetings or training and sell training my-self.

And of course offer my consultant job as I do at present.

So my value proposition is multiple :
- Economic : help small companies to developp
- Moral : help those executives to build business model in adequacy with their personnal values
- Emotionnal : have a good time thinking together
- Fonctionnal : be a physical place to organise events.

Thank you !


about 2 years ago

Hi Estelle,
I too work with small businesses here in Ireland. I find that the real problem they have about modelling is that they have an old default story about doing it all themselves. I believe that this has been reinforced by years of promotion of the 'cult of the entrepreneur' which is very much about the 'me economy'. Only very few small business owners feel the need to collaborate. These are the one's which I think can really adopt more of the 'we economy' principles. Also, the social entrepreneurs are proving very innovative around new business models. I would be careful about trying to work with people who are very focused on the old model of entrepreneurship and instead seek out people who want to do things differently. If people have the right attitude then it is far easier to work with them around change. Some of the interviews on the Dutch entrepreneurs in the additional material really show how the new entrepreneur thinks.


about 2 years ago

Hi Victor,
Thanks for your comment
I agree with you that my ambition is to work with the 2 to 5% that are curious about new ways of thinking and practise networking. As usual, they are the early adopters.
I have to say that I have been a strategic consultant for 8 years on my own and I already know part of those who could be interested.
I will keep in mind your warning !

about 2 years ago

Hello Estelle,

small business are usually linked in other forms and groups with the direct or indirect objective to advance their sales or influence. Examples are; religious groups, Rotary Club, Lions ...

Banks, especially locally concentrated ones, will have to differentiate themselves with added services (local) where your clients will be an important part of.

The AirBnB and / of SMEs and not-for-profit societies to share space, knowledge and experience as well as referrals.

You may want to try it a small town and start the conversation ..

Regards, André

about 2 years ago

Dear Estelle,
This is a very good idea! I want to do the same (more or less) in the Netherlands. But my experience (as a business consultant) is that when you give one-on-one advice and really take time for it, it is much more effective than giving workshops or trainings etc with a lot of people.
But that is just my experience ;-)
Good luck with your idea and NBM!

Regards, Eva

about 2 years ago

Dear Estelle,

Could be interesting for you: On a joué dans Next

Kind regards,


about 2 years ago

Hello Estelle,

Your idea is interesting. In addition to the character of small businesses, I suggest you unleash the strength of their (potential) connection with the local communities. From social point of view, I think that specially the smaller business can get access to the talents en collective wisdom of the people in their neighbourhood. It’s eassier for them to know these people because often these business are part of the same local societies. Doing so will gain the resilience of the community and creates an base for (social) innovation.
The step that has to be taken is to actively make connection with the people in de local communcity and invite them to cooperate in a way that they can unfold their talents.

regards Michel

about 2 years ago

Thank you all for your answers and suggestions I wil include in my business models.
Indeed, the connections with local communities, the One-to-one consulting... have to be preserved in my values and work.

I must also add that my NBM will lean against several offers :
- collective meetings and social innovation
- one-to-one consulting
- training & team building
- somme happening & entertainement
- rental of rooms & spaces
- writing for small businesses communication (story telling, books, reports...)

I know quite well small businesses as I have been working with them for 15 years (10 as a free-lance consultant) and I think it could work

Best regards

about 2 years ago

Hello Estelle, you may want to concentrate on 3 main pain point in your community where you can bring a benefit/value first.
kind regards,

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