Corporate Digital Learning

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Corporate digital learning used in my company


In the company I am working for, they have just started implementing digital learning. They use an LMS and have created some courses, whose purpose is to further educate employees in order to offer better customer service.

The project is still at an infantile level, it hasn't been promoted properly and although every employee has been notified about it, only a small percentage has tried to put his fingers on it.

On the other hand, everyone has been presented to and asked to use one very useful tool, called Zingtree. This is a tool which with the help of questions and tabs, guides employees through procedures. However, this also comes with some limitations, being thus not that effective for advanced learning.

My personal recommendation is to link the digital learning with some benefits so that every employee is motivated to use it, and then, to make the content itself much more attractive and appealing, so that learners stay engaged throughout the whole process

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