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»The Builders have vanished without a trace. The ancient Druids are long gone. The Hippies and Modern Druids were banned in 1984. Today Stonehenge is an important resource to the whole of the U…

A Prime Resource

Edwin Wood, 31 Mar 17

»Stonehenge is immediately identified with Britain. Widely used in tourist advertising material, it has come to represent a great deal of British culture and history. The great age, permanence …

Stoinehenge, A British Icon

Edwin Wood, 24 Mar 17

»It seems to me that archaeology has moved on a long way since the days of Geoffrey of Monmouth. I do not see any connection between the two.

Geoffrey of Monmouth

Edwin Wood, 24 Mar 17

»There have been a good number of respected solutions to the How? and Why? questions over the years, many of which have been later disproved. All of this seems to be speculation and none of it …

Not convinced

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Edwin Wood, 02 Mar 17

»I want to think of Stonehenge as the centre of a civilization. Who were these people? what kind of lives did they live? and yes- why ever did they build such a massive monument? They must have…

How we think of Stonehenge

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Edwin Wood, 02 Mar 17