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Create a journal entry: Global culture


Describe yourself, your cultural background and how you experience culture on a daily basis.

Do you observe examples of global culture in your everyday life?

Share your experiences and have a look at the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

Learning to forget about right or wrong

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I'm a Spanish journalist that lived in China for four years, and recently returned to Barcelona. My cultural background has always been complicated: the place where I come from in Spain, Catalonia, has several cultural traits that are different from the ones you can find in other regions of Spain, including our own language, Catalan. Therefore, since I was born I dealt with two close but yet different cultures. Even more, my experience abroad, and the fact itself that Barcelona hosts citizens from countries from around the world, allowed me to experience cultures on my everyday lifes, most of the time learning new things, sometimes being shocked at habitas and traditions that I don't understand, or puzzled to decisions that seems unlogical to me. Still, those interactions slowly made me understand that there is not a "right" or "wrong" way to look at the world and interact with it.


Hello Eduard
Thank you for sharing this experience, I think it is very important to understand the fact, that there is no right or wrong. As I experience it now, I think it would be very interesting to the group if you could take some time to share more about that experience about looking at the world and interacting with it?
Maybe you could also open a dicsussion track on that subject?
Looking forward to hearing from you again

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