Corporate Digital Learning

13 Jan 2018, 08:43 AM
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My (corporate) digital learning experiences



  • Completed successfully close to 40 MOOCs
  • Implemented LMS - Moodle in the institution I helmed


  • Getting my current client, a private college to adopt an e-learning approach to complement teaching & learning whose excuse has been, "wait for our Korean / China associates who has a working e-learning platform"
  • Demonstrating benefits in dollars and cents to the client for digital learning offering and a systematic approach to implementation.


  • Buy-in by clients across all level, especially the instructors is important
  • Even the cost is relatively low with open source platforms such as Moodle, there is a cost of implementation and cost of maintenance as well as IT infrastructure


  • Cost is not the only factor affecting decisions on digital learning
  • Buy-in must be attained from all levels of an organization for digital learning initiatives to be successful

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