Climate Change and Health

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What is climate change to you?

Say in few words what comes to your mind when you think about climate change? In other words, to you what is climate change associate with?
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Rainy days and School days


Inapulangan shore, Homonhon Island, Philippines

I live in the Philippines, where there are only 2 seasons: Dry and Wet Season. No winter, therefore no spring, only Summer and rain, lots of it. It is not true that there is always sunshine here. When it rains in this side of the planet, it pours. When I was in grade school, classes start in June, it was also the start of the Wet or rainy season otherwise known as the Monsoons. It rained almost everyday especially when typhoons come one after another. I remember experiencing 32 typhoons in a year. My classmates and I would bravely march to school in jackets and with umbrellas for us not to miss classes. Pupils trekking through rain and going through the whole day in wet uniforms would certainly mean that the next day one or two in a classroom would either have colds, cough or flu. The rain also means that unwelcome guest comes to school with us: Mosquitos. Dengue and H-fever always bring a cloud to fear and anxiety to parents sending their children to school everyday. I myself had it, twice.
Apart from the possibility of disease the Rainy seasons also brings with it the destruction brought by Storms or Typhoons we call "Bagyo." These storms, after wrecking havoc in our country would temporarily disable normal domestic life with its gravity dependent on the amount of rainfall and "Signal" (storm strength). Electricity would be cut, with it the telephone service and water supply. We would then fetch water from a nearby deep well whose water's quality is questionable. Health problems caused by drinking unsafe water is all too common here. In spite all of these, I consider myself blessed. I lived in a suburban province just outside of Metro Manila. There were others especially in the provinces whose lives are greatly affected by the fickleness of Nature.
I attached here a clip here of the Inapulangan shore in the Island of Homonhon in Eastern Samar, Philippines where my father grew up. The island was swallowed by Typhoon Haiyan and left the place like the aftermath of a war. It's not just the Rainy season I was used to. The storms are more violent now. However, it should be told that we are in El Nino (a season of drought) this year. It's crazy. We ordinary citizens don't know what to expect anymore.
I'll end this with a more positive note. Rainy days might get us down but no matter how hard it is to get up, we will. That is why we need to be equipped with knowledge in order to help ourselves survive better.

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