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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

Building of Stonehenge


Stonehenge is such a massive undertaking which I believe did take a very long time to build. It wouldn't of been a very easy to build and would of taken a large workforce. People would have to work together and it would have to be very important to them to build this structure. It seems almost impossible to believe that the people of this time were capable of building Stonehenge with only very basic tools such as deer antler picks. The idea that the people that built Stonehenge would or could work together for almost a 1000 years is an achievement on to its own.

Stonehenge was believed to have been started by Neolithic people and then in 2500 BC the Beaker culture arrived and were possibly involved in later building. If this is true then it might explain the different phases of building. The newer people arriving on the scene would have had different ideas of what to build and perhaps wanted different stones to remind them of where they lived before.

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