01 Mar 2017, 06:16 AM
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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

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Lonely stones that don't stand alone


My last visit to the stones, long ago was in the middle of a heatwave. There was no visitor centre, no interpretation plaque, just a large empty and dry landscape. Apart from the occasional visit from the local Druids this is how I have imagined the occupation of this area since the stones were dragged here from Wales. It seems however that the whole area has seen human occupation for considerably longer than I imagined. I now have a vivid image of large heards of wild cattle roaming the area and being hunted by our ancestors long before the stones appeared. I knew about other stone circles in the area but I was unaware of Blick Mead and the implications drawn from latest finds there and other archeological research.. If I understand it correctly It seems that the population was more mobile than previously thought, perhaps coming from opposite ends of the British Isles. I've got a bit of catching up to do and this is only the start.

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