Corporate Digital Learning

07 Apr 2016, 04:05 PM
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Share Your Story! ☝

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During studies I got to know different LMS (as student and tutor). They were really helpful regarding sharing info material, further learning material, quizzes, etc. But is was only helpful for people who like to be responsible for their learning. For others who like to have a facilitator/tutor it was not that helpful, because they seldom were prepared for the courses or did anything after the course.

After studies I got to know different product for online trainings. They were really helpful to learn topics. But as soon as the topics were related to behavior the real face-to-face arrangement was missing. I missed that. So I was not able to practise communication, leadership styles and so on or was not able to discuss and reflect issues.
Once again, this shows that the medium is related to the learning goals.

Nowadays there are some nice tool which also focus on behavior - to try to help participants to reach their goals, which help to train communication settings and give feedback. I really like them and that's why we also use them within our trainings.

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