Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

Importance of Industry wide collective bargaining agreements ? 0


Enterprises based collective bargaining has limited chances to improve the working conditions. For instance: In Nepal there is Enterprises based collective bargaining system, which only covers the interest of workers in individual enterprises and demands are also not fully addressed . If the Unions are strong they win and if weak they lose. Generally, there exist more than one unions in one Enterprise and there are also cases that Employers manipulate some union leader's as per their interest. Therefore, National Trade Unions in Nepal are collectively Lobbying & advocating for Industry wide collective bargaining policy so that all workers in the sector will be benefited equally.

In the GSCs, MNCs relocate their productions in the cheapest country where they can exploit workers. The garment sector can be taken as example of extreme case. So Industry wide collective bargaining in such a highly mobile sector dominant by global brand needs triangular bargaining process with National Unions, National Employers and Global Employers to secure the rights of workers in GSCs.

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