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Chapter 4 Journal Activity

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Influences on British culture?

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This is a difficult question for me, not being British. I don't feel like I have any good answers for this. Er, there are the Druid Revival events, there used to be concerts there. Maybe it influenced Gardner's Wiccan reconstruction? I'm sorry, I don't really know!


almost 2 years ago

Hi Deb

It's okay 'not to know'.
The British have a very long view of history and because of this the information is compressed. But almost all of their cultural experience has influence on outlook, in one way or another, and can be drawn on in a trice to illustrate ideas.

I live in the Northeast US, and where I am is considered Old by this country's standards. My English friends and colleagues are constantly laughing up their sleeves at me because Americans think 350 years is a long time!
Their known history began before there was a London and can be followed more or less intact up to the present day. This is roughly 2,000 years, and every major incident or edifice that's been processed through their culture has influence within the Island Fortress, and indeed, every English-speaking society in the world.

(It rather begs the question: With a name like Plantagenet, one might think you'd find yourself a rare descendant of a certain 15th century royal house in York!)


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