23 Mar 2017, 04:28 AM
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Chapter 5 Journal Activity

Challenges for the 21st Century


No doubt far more improved technologies and research will add to the knowledge of Stonehenge and its surrounding landscape. Whether these will provide answers or create more questions is yet to be seen. The new visitors centre and its displays provide a greater opportunity to spread the word of Stonehenge to a much wider audience, hopefully creating greater interest in its past and its future. Stonehenge gets over one million visitors per year, a lot via tourists buses, that unfortunately do not stop for long. My wife and I visited in mid 2015, and had enough time to walk around the structure, but as we also walked the paths to the barrows and the surrounding area we had no time left for the vistors centre as it was time to get back on the bus. I read something recently where is was said that the tourists buses use it as a toilet stop between London and Bath. However the buses do bring income, that hopefully goes back into research and the conservation of the site.
The challenges of the 21st century are the conservation of what is already in existence, especially the impact of the A303 upgrades and that of climate change on the structures and surrounding landscape.

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