Corporate Digital Learning

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The Company I work for offers a wide Range of e-Learning products, e.g. WBT, Podcasts, Vodcasts, online assessments, interactive Flash cards. Another approach which I would like to Share with you is a scenario based Training. In that Video based e-Learning the learner goes through a realistic scenario, e.g. a Sales conversation. In that conversation the customers confronts him with statements or questions and the learner has to react. In my opinion is that scenario based approach a good way to activate the learner and to receive the goal of compentency based Learning. It is also possible to integrate an Peer Review Task in a scenario as well.

My successes of Corporate digital Learning:
All successes that have been described in the Unit Are important. To me Learning Transfer, didactics and Social Learning Are the Most important. But from my experience I can say that when companies Start with elearning they often put to much Knowledge in an e-Learning and don´t use the opportunities of elearning in an appropriate manner.

My Challenges:
Didactics (as mentioned above) and responsibility, because the learner has to move from a passive learner to a learner who manages his Learning.

My learnings:
When offering Corporate Digital Learning always ask the question: What should the learner be able to do after the end of the elearning?

My recommendations:
1. Always ask the Target Group what they Need. 2. Have a good Marketing Concept, when you Start with Corporate digital Learning

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