Visual Thinking for Business - Make Your Point

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Your Turn: Show The Course Your Product/Service!

After practicing on the apple watch, it is time for the next Step - presenting your product/company/service.

First think about the 6 options and from which perspective you want to show your product or service to the course community.
Then pick the one you prefer or fits best and start developing your drawing.
Upload the final image and let your fellow course members guess what you are doing in your business life.

6 Ways...


6 eMobility Scribbles

Sorry, couldn't stand any more Apple Watch discussions. My colleagues driving my nuts with this gadget.


I know - and we discussed this point - we just chose it because many people know it. Sorry! good that you chose something else! ;-)

over 3 years ago

These are really good. The pen gives me a sense of scale. You have packed a lot into some tiny graphics. It's very impressive.

over 3 years ago

Christoph - I hope I didn't offend anyone, but I'm working with some App developers and they can be really queer sometimes.

Julian - Thank you. The small size is honestly a scaling error... my intention was not to minimize it so heavily... bad use of space. :-)

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