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Our organization is still on the process of adopting into the digital landscape. We’ve been starting to accommodate clients’ need of information using standard web hosting available, to link-up with the organizations platform of services. But for me, I’ve been using MOOC’s different platform of learning: (1)from videos which for me has the advantage more on the “feel”, like how the specialist or the experts are conveying their message or the information more on personal level, which in my experience brings different texture on the student/learner’s conception; (2)the text’s – references, additional materials from different format (pdf, texts, doc files), notes from the specialists or other sources, transcripts of the lectures, and other text formats – that compliments and assist in the absorption of knowledge from videos or audio formats; (3) audio from podcasts that I have encountered here in this course, are in a voice quality for a clearer understanding on the receiver’s end, which also adds up for a good listening texture for the topics.

I have raised our organization’s traditional way of learning provision for employees that (1) outsources training providers which predominantly uses digitized materials and notes coming from textbooks; (2) combines the format of indoor group activity, (3) and couples with outdoors experience (case study, ocular inspection, on-site observation).

There are successes in this model, but it’s possible that the delivery of knowledge can be facilitated thru methods of digital learning. This challenge likewise can take the sample of the traditional way of retooling I mentioned. These processes can have its counterpart in the digital landscape. This realization, shall I say, is not only a great learning experience but also form part of the recommendation based on these experience.

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