Digital Transformation I: An Introduction

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Compare Your Understanding With the Definition

What have you learned so far?

Now that you know more about how we define digital transformation, its core concepts and its impact, compare your understanding from the previous chapter with what you have learned in this one.

Go back to the beginning of this chapter and revise your understanding and definition. Revisit your goals from chapter 1 and adjust them to reflect your learning.

Discuss your insights within your learning group when you're done.

Also, please take the time to give us some feedback on this MVP in the discussion forum.



The biggest takeaway for me in this section was the focus that mindset and culture are just as important as the technology. It seems obvious but when there are several different digital products being introduced (Part Manager, Kloeckner Direct, etc) you can get caught up on the technology/products aspect. For a company to be successful going forward the organization must look inward and adopt better habits and values in order to survive in the digital economy.

I also enjoyed the material on OKR's and how they can be used to track individual progress and performance.

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