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how can a accountant start a New Business Model


Hi everyone,

I have a accounting degree and I was teacher in university for many years (18 - 20 years). In these times I studied various accounting and business theories and now I want to put these in practice, but for me accounting isn´t only tax and figures, accounting can help people to made things diferent and in first hand correct.

I believe I can do an accounting firm that can be helpfull for people who need care with finance and business plans in diferents ways and have diferent thinks about the business must to be.




about 2 years ago

Hi! I think you could focus on consulting other businesses and people. Consulting is becoming more and more popular instead of having a steady position in a company. Having been a teacher for a long time, I'm sure you have the tools to really help people understand the solutions to their needs.


about 2 years ago


This I am sure useful for all . Because in this age much more companys opening , but not every can have own acounter.

about 2 years ago

Thank you for the comments.

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