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Create a journal entry: Engaging with art


How does engaging with art help us to better understand Chinese society?

Share your experiences and have a look a the journals of other participants.
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Engaging with art


Art has always served as an important medium of documenting history. Whether it is producing an identity, to present one's culture and appearance, expressing one's values, way of life, beliefs & struggles, advocating the voices of minority groups or presenting art that has been tweaked out of proportion to be presented as a satire, it still poses as a mirror into the society.
Despite freer ways of expressing oneself through art making nowadays in China, unlike freer societies (i.e.: America, Europe, Australia.etc), there will always be censorship from the government (i.e.: Ai Wei Wei).
Lastly, although China has modernized and emerged as one of the superpowers of the 21st century, issues like "censorship", "pollution", "human rights", "poor building safety regulations", "dishonesty in food & beverage production", "corruption", "lack of antiquate", & "weird food choices" still result from the aftermath and horrors of the cultural revolution that influence the mannerism and ethics of Chinese society nowadays. And of course, the art will be reflected off from all of this.

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