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For participants who are aiming to do a:

Certificate of Accomplishment

In this chapter we would like you to narrow down your different paths and directions you have been exploring and choose your thesis. This choice will lead to your assignment which consists of writing 2-3 pages or 3600-5400 chars about your chosen topic.

For this assignment you have three weeks time before submitting. The ZHdK Centre of Further Education will evaluate the assignments three times a year.

You find more information and the upload section for your assignment in the project unit.

Please publish your choice in your journal at the end of this chapter. As in the previous chapters, please use the title «CCAA thesis (chapter 5 )» and publish it with the setting of permissions set at «public» or «course».

We are looking forward to your choices!

«CCAA thesis (chapter 5 )»

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I'm still deciding between the 2 choices below:

2) Amidst the divided folks of Hong Kong, with one side seeking possible independence from China, and the other patriotic to China, what might the possible future complications and criticisms be regarding the unveiling of Mr. Sigg's collection of Chinese Contemporary Art in 2019 amidst the current criticisms of the Hong Kong public on the building of the "The HK Palace Museum" to appease China in hopes of fostering stronger ties?

3) When we look at how global culture has dominated the Asian market (especially HK), thus changing our way of living and thinking, are we living in an Asian culture that is now primarily dictated by western entities or depending on foreign groups to justify the value of Asian artists and brands in order to make a presence or have success in the international market?


almost 2 years ago

Dear Kenneth
Both choices offer an interesting baseline for a thesis. You could even combine the two; having the M+ museum opening in 2019 in HK with a collection reflecting on Asian culture and thus reflection on what is Asian. Questions on cultural identity could give you a good starting point for your thesis.
Best of luck!!
Editor&Community Manager

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