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For participants who are aiming to do a:

Certificate of Accomplishment

You chose to do a certificate of accomplishment. In order to help you prepare for the final assignment, you will get a task in each chapter to guide you there.

In this chapter, we would like you to devise three different theses relating to Global Culture in an Asian art context. Elaborate in 300 chars your three theses in your own words. You are free to express them in writing, via video or in an audio-file.

Please publish your three theses in your journal. Please use the title «CCAA theses (chapter 3)» and publish it with the setting of permissions set at «public» or «course».

We are looking forward to your entries!

«CCAA theses (chapter 3)»


I would like to look at the three following theses related to Global culture in an Asian art context:

1) How does CCAA compare with other major art prizes globally? (in terms of scope, process, jury, funding...).

2) Amidst the divided folks of Hong Kong, with one side seeking possible independence from China, and the other patriotic to China, what might the possible future complications and criticisms be regarding the unveiling of Mr. Sigg's collection of Chinese Contemporary Art in 2019 amidst the current criticisms of the Hong Kong public on the building of the "The HK Palace Museum" to appease China in hopes of fostering stronger ties?

3) When we look at how global culture has dominated the Asian market (especially HK), thus changing our way of living and thinking, are we living in an Asian culture that is now primarily dictated by western entities or depending on foreign groups to justify the value of Asian artists and brands in order to make a presence or have success in the international market?

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