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Resistance to change

In many instances, resistance to change is experienced when implementing corporate digital learning initiatives, particularly where the participants are ICT challenged.


almost 3 years ago

I need to start saying sorry for my english.

Now: I think that's is a natural human answer and the most big the group, more difficulties going to exist to implement even a tiny change.
All of us, in some point/ situation, have fear of change. And you see that happen more when you have older people. It's no a rule (or it is?), but is normal. You see more resistance when you have a diversified group (mixed ages, races, education, ...).
I think the most time people fear failure or increment of work with changes. If you demystifying and exemplify, if you introduce the changes slowly and asking what are the difficult the people are feeling i think you going to have less resistance. All the people feel part of the change and with support and sometimes is enough.

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