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»First, I want to say thank you. I very much enjoyed this course -- its content, the varied methods of presentation, the quality of instruction, the visual and audio quality, the sequential de…


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Christine McCormick, 24 May 16

»Before answering the question, I have to share my reaction to this chapter. It appears that the CCAA was so busy promoting the work of others, it neglected to promote itself. In the West,…

New Directions

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Christine McCormick, 17 May 16

»A main goal in the beginning was to locate and identify the contemporary artists of China. As channels of communication were established and began to attract more and more participants, I am …

Development of the Unknown Artist

Christine McCormick, 11 May 16

»There are many countries whose artists have been forced underground for periods of time. I think that the CCAA model can be used not just for China but around the world for: 1. How to colle…

How can the CCA be understood as a research tool?

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Christine McCormick, 01 May 16

»I don't feel that I know enough yet about the Chinese culture but I would like to give an example of where I think you might be going with this question. If I were to see one of the works of …

Engaging w/ art to better understand Chinese society

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Christine McCormick, 23 Apr 16

»Question #1: I am an American foreign language teacher. Question #2: I suppose, then, it is natural that I observe global cultures through language every day. I instinctively notice differe…

Who am i

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Christine McCormick, 21 Apr 16

»I believe that art mirrors the current state of a culture in which it is created. I know nothing of the Chinese mind, its art, its history and I would like to learn.

Why i am taking this course

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Christine McCormick, 17 Apr 16