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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

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When? By whom? How? Why?


I'm pretty confident that the current ideas about the dating of Stonehenge aren't far off the mark because of radiocarbon dating techniques. I wonder if the builders were local, and if so, how local. There would have been a lot of work involved and all the builders would have to be fed and have access to housing of some sort. Maybe people were drafted in from different areas to work for a while and then went home. Also, if these people were farmers, it would be a big sacrifice to take time out from daily chores to work on the monument. They would have to be compensated in some way..
The bluestones seem to be central to Stonehenge, the other stones are almost like a backdrop for them, emphasising their power. Although there isn't any 'awe' of them - they get moved about and bits chipped off them. I think the idea of healing qualities is quite interesting. The role of accoustics could also be significant. Pre Incan cultures used highly sophisticated acoustic trickery in their temples to influence their devotees.

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