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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

Reflecting on Two MOOCs followed while having gained a new project / client


As a coach, consultant and "digital learning" specialist, I sometime find it hard to manage my time as efficiently as I would like.
I had given myself the objective of "Benchmarking" two MOOCs on the same topic "Digital Learning"; At the same time I was winning a new client with an urgent and time consuming projet.
Here are my takeaways from this MOOC
• Successes

I managed to follow both MOOCs while in stress on ongoing projects
• Challenges
To keep to it - As a consultant, when you are overworked, you ususally stop learning and stop looking for new clients
• Learnings
Good news: The messages coming from the 2 MOOCs are coherent ; differences are in pedagogical strategy details, media choices, time structure, and access to additional resources
Good news, I discovered multiple resources that will help me to support my thinking on the ways to implement Enterprise 2.0 and/or the learning organisation
• Recommendations
To leverage the MOOC opportunities for all to learn, I would support and organise Meeting in Real Life of Company members who are following the same MOOC(s)
More than ever, I would encourage top management at the highest level to be part of the learning community...


almost 3 years ago

Hi Christian,

Sounds like you have finished this MOOC, so I hope you see this comment.
Let me make a systemic suggestion. It sounds like one of the issues for a freelance consultant and coach is to remain part of an active learning community. The social learning in the community can be a help to keep on learning even when you are working hard on projects (as the Agile people would say, don't wait until the project is dead for a post mortem; take a little time regularly with colleagues to do retrospectives on how far you have come in the past week or month, including learnings).

Interesting that you suggest face-to-face meetings of learners. My conviction remains that synchronous is key to learning. We can't do everything by talking to a screen, and as human animals, we need the emotion of live contact to help us integrate our newfound knowledge.

See you soon for a test!

almost 3 years ago

Hi Jocelyn,
It's interesting you picked up this suggestion I made of a face to face meeting, It reminds me of the fact that among my first students in an e-learning course which I tutored,, two women came to visit me in Paris all the way from Canada. It was interesting to talk live after our 13 week course. Synchronous meetings are important, I agree with you, but you can get it without the physical presence through virtual classes. I believe in the impact of a real face to face presence, and of TIME to interact socially, beside pure learning activities. Yet, in some cases, you can get a feeling of community in a totally distant and asynchronous training. I depends a lot on the people you are with an on their willingness to play the game of collaborative learning. I'll try to make it to Paris, at the end of may or beginning of June. I'll tell you then, See you soon, Take care. Christian

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