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How Can You Support Social Learning?

Think about your learning and/or your employees and co-workers learning: how can you support them and yourself with social learning?

For some inspiration, read this article and watch the following video:

„We Learn More When We Learn Together: Find some tipps and tricks“ - In this article by Jane E. Dutton and Emily Heaphy, in the Harvard Business Review, January 2016 you will find 8 tipps about how to create and maintain with your „high-quality connections“ at work.

Supporting Social Learning

Video by Harold Jarche

e-Tutors supporting social learning


To cut short a long love story, I'm a born coach and a trained e-tutor. Supporting Social Learning is at the heart of an e-tutor's mission, and requires core skills. If you train e-tutors, you have to model, you are being watched. You have to know when and what to say / write, and how you say it. You have to be there for EVERY LEARNER until the end, and even after that. You have to enforce the rules, but many of your actions are unvisible, behind the scene. To support social learning, you need to love learning, and to be convinced that you can learn from everybody at every moment


almost 3 years ago

I agree with loving learning and learning from everybody. But how do you manage to be there for every single learner? And could learners not also learn from and with or tutor each other?

almost 3 years ago

Hi Katharina, You are right learners/participants are expected to learn from each other, and they will learn from each other. And as a tutor you shouldn't come in the way. As a tutor, it's your job to keep everybody onboard on the learning journey, and fetch them back if, for any reason, they drop out or lag behind. This better applies to a SPOC format than to a MOOC format. In your position tutoring 4000 / 4500 participants, you will not relate to everyone of us, just impossible. But if we were let's say 40 or 50 this could still be possible. And you could give personalised feedback (that could take you up to 30 to 60 minutes a week per learner if they were active, interacting and doing their exercises) easy to see that with 4000 / 4500 participants that will not be possible. Yet, there is a lot you can do, could do, for example by digging out gold nuggets (coming from learners) and making a compilation / articulation of these contributions - putting them into perspective, opposing them if need be, - This takes committment, method and time. But it's worth it, for everybody, you as a professional trainer included. But there are risks, too, of information overload, specially on long training programmes. The MOOC format, 4 to 6 weeks, is OK, after 5 weeks a lot of people get tired...And Loving your trainees is key to doing the job despite being tired.

over 2 years ago

Thanks for your insights Christian. We will look into providing individualised support as our product matures. We are not there yet, but it's definitely on our bucket list to provide students with the option to book additional, more personalised support.

over 2 years ago

Hi Hannes,
Thanks for your response. Individualised support requires time and the right economical model on your part, and the willingness of students to pay for it. I will vary greatly from country to country or continent to continent., in my experience. Best regards.

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