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Chapter 5 Journal Activity

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Chapter 5 - Continuing the Stonehenge story


I feel Stonehenge is like Pandora's Box. In Greek mythology Pandora meant "all giving" and is said to be the first woman on earth. Like all myths things/words tend change in translation especially from one language to another. So if Pandora means "all giving" then if she had a box filled with all the things she gave, would that not mean that when Pandora's Box was opened then all would be given/revealed? Meh, my interpretation :-)
I'm sure that one day the researchers & archaeologists studying Stonehenge will find the key and open this mythical box, finally revealing all.
What does this box look like? Well, it seems to be made of timber, painted blue, and for some reason it has the appearance of a mid 20th century British police public telephone kiosk :-)


almost 2 years ago

There was a Dr Who episode that featured Stonehenge.

It might be useful to reflect on how far we have come in understanding Stonehenge. For example we've pretty much sorted out the dating. We know something about the people who built it. Recent developments have included a form of ground penetrating radar indicating a concentration of monuments. We're developing the back story through the Blick Mead dig. Study of organic remains is helping a lot with understanding the flora and fauna of the area. There is progress.


almost 2 years ago

Just for info re Pandora.........The reason the box could never be closed once it had been opened----------------"Hope remained inside the box thus if it was ever closed all hope would be lost"-------- Just thought I would throw that in :-)

almost 2 years ago

To Dr Graeme:
Firstly, I'm a Dr Who fan since the early days, to the point where the sound of the TARDIS materialising is my ringtone. I LOVED the Stonehenge episode :-) Now that was a good story!

And yes, the science based discoveries over recent decades has be astounding for sure. All of which provides a solid foundation to build on. Over recent days, I have read many articles & papers and have watched even more videos available online, almost to the point of information overload. The talk/lecture by Prof David Jacques I found on the Blick Mead dig was most interesting and I do hope the funding will continue to be available over the years.
( )

To Paul:
:-) Thanks for the additional info. Hope is a wonderful thing and let's all "hope" that the box is never closed

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