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Chapter 3 Journal Activity

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Chapter 3 - The shadow of Geoffrey of Monmouth


Short answer - no. I don't believe modern Stonehenge archaeologists are still working in the shadow of the cleric Geoffrey of Monmouth.

Geoffrey's Arthurian story is fabulous, full of mystery, magic & intrigue. Pure escapism. Personally I feel this literary work is more a remake of the biblical messiah, son of God, story re-written for the times (c1100's). The boy child without a father, and after death he shall return. Also it's link to Stonehenge is tenuous at best.


almost 2 years ago

A couple of years ago I heard a very eminent Stonehenge archaeologist present to a popular audience a view of Stonehenge that could be straight out of Geoffrey of Monmouth. He didn't quite have druids but he did have a master architect "like King Arthur" and he came out with the view that the Stonehenge Avenue was "a processional way for ghosts". Oh, and Avebury was used for the recreational slaughter of boar.

It was an informal presentation and without a published paper, so I'm not being drawn on his name. However I was stunned!


almost 2 years ago

Oh good grief, that is both hilarious and quite sad. Is this "eminent Stonehenge archaeologist" also sympathetic to the climate change deniers school of thought?

So, I stand corrected & change my short answer to - mostly no. And - Most Stonehenge archaeologists have moved out & away from the Geoffrey of Monmouth shadow and into the enlightened field of scientific facts. ^_^

Chris ^_^

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