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Can we trust informal and social learning?
Can we trust gravity? It just happens, if you trust it, want it oder try to prevent it does not really matter. the only interesting question is: Whtat message are we sending? What are the conclusions of employees?


almost 3 years ago

Charlotte, I like your question. To me it suggests that when we begin to consider informal and social learning as something "formal", we start trying to assign it a specific value and we start setting standards for it. In fact, most of us have been learning socially and informally all our lives without any standards and without thinking about how valid that learning is.
You are raising the all-important question of feedback loops as a way of increasing learning.
Part of the answer to your question is in the way you asked it: we will know what message we have sent when we see what learners are understanding.
My question to you would be, how can we keep the loop open, so that we continue to adjust our messages and to assess how learnings/employees are responding?

almost 3 years ago

First: Sorry for my english!

I believe in informal learning. It's the most primitive learning process and is good when a company had space for that learning process.
It's clear that it's a effective learning process but i think this give us a superficial learning knowledge. Then we need to go deeper with a complement: theoretical ou practical courses or even new task with tutoring support.

Personally I prefer to learn by trial and error.
I like to go complementing the learning that I made with courses.
It is a kind of a challenge, a puzzle. What can learn alone? And what I left out?
It makes me realize how much I can learn alone in a challenge. And it makes me be surprised with some things I could not understand myself.

almost 3 years ago

A lot of the discussion about informal learning is about trying to steal the "in" from the informal. Make it formal, so we know how to deal with it. To no avail. If you succeed in making an informal process formal, you just created a new way of informal learning with new aims and ends.
Informal is not formal. So your Feedback Loop is: see what happens, talk to People without judging beforehand what happened and try to understand the process.
A lot of informal learning is just People adjusting their view of the world to what happened.
Instead of deciding what employees should know we could as well ask them what would help them to perform better. If it's Trial and Error - thats perfect.

(Question: the System keeps changing what I wright in capitals. Like Feedback Loop.)

almost 3 years ago

Never think in that way.
Sound like an social experiment :)
It's very interesting the association of "trying to steal the in from the informal". Probably this is something usual but I really never think about it.
I'm really excited whit this discussion and I hope more people participate to make new knowledge I ideas.

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