Monitoring Smart Specialisation Strategies

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We’d love to get to know you.

Please take a few moments to tell us and other participants about yourself. What brings you to this course?

We invite you to read other participants' answers and get to know one other.

Hellow and Good Afternoon from Honiara, Solomon Islands


Hello everyone,
My name is Charles Sisimia, I am from Solomon Islands. I enrolled for this course after doing research about MOOC in the internet. I posses a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (University of South Pacific) and I am working as an Advisor for our National Government. My role currently involves providing capacity development support to staff of one of our local governments. I have had practical experiences in "monitoring" especially in areas of small scale infrastructure development. Yet my experiences are limited to the context of my immediate environment. I am certain by engaging with the mix of experiences and expert discussions in this course, it would certainly help me to broaden my knowledge in this field of thought and would help me to see our challenges in a new and broadened perspective. I come into this course with an open mind and I cant wait to learn more about my other participants in this wonderful course.

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