Presentation Skills for Business

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Create your communicative profile!

Go to the 'additional materials' of this unit and take the suggested test.

You can choose between recording a video and writing text; but please remember to share the result in the learning journal!

Quick hint: think about the characteristics we talked about in the communicative styles unit (ie: how efficient types are decisive and need information in a precise way).

When looking at the test results, think about if they apply to you. And how so?! Make sure you use personal examples to illustrate your opinions to the rest of the community. This exercise is made to help you reflect how you communicate with others: being aware of your own communicative style will help you improve your communication in all contexts, with any audience.

Good luck and remember, have fun!

Communicative Profile


It seems to me, preparing a large presentation, all communication styles need to be considered. Matching the data to how it is delivered is more of an art than a science.


about 3 years ago

Communicative Profile


I do find some of my presentations go in to way to much detail & bores my audience. I have been thinking about what is my message & trying to find as few words to get there.

about 3 years ago

Do you maybe have an example of a recent presentation that you've given where you think your audience was bored? How do you think you could improve that presentation?

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