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02 Aug 2016, 10:51 AM
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For participants who are aiming to do a:

Certificate of Accomplishment

You chose to do a certificate of accomplishment. In order to help you prepare for the final assignment, you will get a task in each chapter to guide you there.

In this chapter, we would like you to devise three different theses relating to Global Culture in an Asian art context. Elaborate in 300 chars your three theses in your own words. You are free to express them in writing, via video or in an audio-file.

Please publish your three theses in your journal. Please use the title «CCAA theses (chapter 3)» and publish it with the setting of permissions set at «public» or «course».

We are looking forward to your entries!

Validation of a new art market

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I would like to look at the three following theses related to Global culture in an Asian art context:

1) How does CCAA compare with other major art prizes globally? (in terms of scope, process, jury, funding...). Any Chinese specificity?

2) Where does the artist validation come from in an art market with few major art museums (no Met, no Moma, no Tate)? Art prizes? Art prices? Major galleries? Influencing art collectors? International exhibitions?

3) How influencing art collectors can shape the global art market and the Chinese art market in particular?


over 2 years ago

Dear Carol

I am really looking forward to the further development of your theses. They are all crucial questions linking different players of the market and asking how influencing their connections can be for each other.
The validation of a new art market is indeed a topic to be discussed, so I am curious about your approach to these questions and looking forward to discussions about it.
Editor and Community Manager

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