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Create a journal entry: Where ist the CCAA heading?

Journal Assignment

After learning about the CCAA and its eventful history, in which direction do you see the award heading and why?

Share your experiences and have a look a the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

Meaningful themes, new collaborations, diversified funding


I find the history of CCAA indeed eventful. I understand that the prize should remain relevant for the Chinese and the global art scene in the foreseeable future.

If I compare to art fairs like Art Basel, there is a real pressure to continuously bring something "new" to the viewer in order to maintain its dominance: Unlimited, 14 rooms, Art Basel Cities...

To some extent, an art prize should be able to regularly innovate: probably through themes essential to the society (e.g. ecology, sustainability, cultural legacy) or new (augmented reality!), collaboration with art scenes from other regions; or artworks for special commissions.

I view also as attractive the ability to organize a CCAA show of the winners in locations like Zurich, London, Paris and Berlin; or during the Art Basel fair.

Finally a key question raised is about the future financial backing of the CCAA prize. I think that the above projects can attract new sources of funding. Ideally funding could come from different institutions and art market players, as a further guarantee of the CCAA independance.

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