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Create a journal entry: Reflect on your learning objectives


In Chapter 1 you outlined your motivation and learning objectives you liked to achieve with this course. Please note in your journal if you reached your learning targets, what you enjoyed about the course and what you missed in the program.

Chapter 6: looking back at Goals


I was mainly driven by curiosity, getting to know more about another form of contemporary art, Uli Sigg and Chinese artists. To that extent all my goals were met.

I found the approach centered around the CCAA award very useful. It is a way to approach a vast new continent in the art world; but through a concrete example which leads to many relevant comparisons between China and the West and great interviews: Uli Sigg, Ai Wei Wei, etc with a special mention to Kathleen Buehler (so structured and insightful answers for a newcomer to Chinese contemporary art like me).

I would have appreciate probably more readings about the art ecosystem in China (5 main museums, presence of major art galleries, some readings about other art collectors, different schools if any within the artist scene) and also some information about main 10-20 art awards/prizes worldwide (Turner, Pictet... What else) to better compare with the CCAA.

Very pleased with the class. The 3-4 last chapters in particular. Many thanks!


about 1 year ago

Dear Carol
Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions on further fields of information and research. It's very insightful for us, to understand how students learn with the program, which tools are especially helpful and what kind of additional material would be appreciated.
Your feedback on the interviews, further background information on the sociopolitical system and specifically on the Chinese art market is really instructive and will definitely be kept in mind for other courses on the topic.
On the topic of additional background information, I strongly recommend to have a look at the reading list, enclosed to the program. It collects different types of sources from different perspectives and tries to give you an overview on less discussed questions on the program.
Thanks again for your participation!
Editor and Community Manager

about 1 year ago

Dear Barbara,
Many thanks for the various comments on my journal entries!
I am very happy to work on the 2-3 pages thesis and to have a look more closely at the reading list.
I am not entirely sure where I should send the thesis or download it. But in the worst case I will send it by email next week (with the certification that it is my own text).
Kind regards,

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