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»Wing is asking a question complementary to my own three thesis: "Following the globalization of Chinese contemporary art, the value of many artists have increased significantly. What determin…

Thesis 3 of Wing Yee Winny Chan

R R, 02 Aug 16

»I would like to look at the three following theses related to Global culture in an Asian art context: 1) How does CCAA compare with other major art prizes globally? (in terms of scope, proces…

Validation of a new art market

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R R, 02 Aug 16

»The definition of the unknown artist for CCAA is changing along with the Chinese contemporary art scene. Firstly CCAA is trying to promote Chinese contemporary on the art scene. The unknown a…

Dialectics between initiating trends in Chinese art history and confirming them

R R, 02 Aug 16

»I view contemporary art outside the West as a cultural maze. There is the beauty of the shapes and the colours or the craftmanship; but also the frustration of feeling lost in a reference jig…

The Ariadne's thread

R R, 01 Aug 16

»Chinese contemporary art made me understand the essential singularity of the Chinese culture: the essential role of calligraphic aesthetics, the inherent understanding of the language of abstr…

An arrangement between the very old and the completely new

R R, 22 Jul 16