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Share Your Story! ☝



I only used Online-Learning tools privately so far and was not really aware of it either until now. So, here is my story so far:

I learned how to knit and sew by watching videos in YT. Never had a more patient teacher before.

This course is actually a big challenge for me. I feel so little, because this topic is so new to me and everybody else seems to have tons oft experience.
I keep asking myself: did you get it right?
Motivation is a topic, too, because interaction in person is not really possible. I hope I get into the community somehow, sometime.

I did learn that I had a little bit more experience in the field than I thought
"Just do it" seems to be a good motto
I can educate myself despite having kids and so not really being able to take courses elsewhere

I think "Just do it" really sums it up by now

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