Digital Marketing – Strategies & Channels

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What are you taking away from this course?

You have made your way through several digital marketing strategies and channels.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to reflect on the whole course material and pick one new insight, tool, concept etc. which you either already implemented/ tested/ dug deeper into or want to do so in the future. And why did you choose it?

But also, what are you missing or wish we had done differently?*

strategy to create digital asset


at first, digital marketing is my project that everything related in it is new for me.
i just learn it through website, so i don't understand about how to start it.
after i take this course, i know what is the first step to do.
for now, my goal is to get brand awareness, so i'll use social media to introduce my brand meanwhile, i'm waiting digital marketing to create the website.
For content, i'll use video and picture so end user can easily understand it.
besides that, using social media is a good way to generate SEO to drive the traffic to our website

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