Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

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»Argument for main reasons for decent work deficits: - Inefficient labor administration and inspection - corruption - lack of implementation of ILO standards at the national level MNEs …

Unit 7, Lecture 5 - From Voluntary Responsibility to Responsible Governance

Bianca Garcia, 04 Mar 17

»There are a lack of binding instruments in the international legal framework to make respect of worker / human rights obligatory and not just voluntary. IN 2014, the Governments of Ecuador a…

Unit 7, Lecture 4 - A Binding Treaty on TNCs

Bianca Garcia, 03 Mar 17

»International treaties (i.e. ILO conventions) are only binding for states, which ratified the respective conventions, not for companies. A principle of international law says that only states…

Unit 7, Lecture 3 - Legal approaches to hold transnational corporations accountable

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Bianca Garcia, 03 Mar 17

»The role of the state is to enact either through legislation or through promotion of good practices, compliance with the international labor standards Still trying to make legal obligation a…

Unit 7, Lecture 2 - Addressing the decent work gaps

Bianca Garcia, 03 Mar 17

»Power relations between capital and labor have become more unequal due to the increase in global supply chains. Despite many initiatives decent work deficits and governance gaps continue to ex…

Unit 7, Lecture 1 - Promoting ILS in Global Supply Chains: the way forward

Bianca Garcia, 03 Mar 17

»Co-determination is a set of rights that allows workers and their representatives to influence management decisions at the company level. In Germany 2 levels of co-determination: - establi…

Unit 6, Lecture 5 - Bridging the Gap – International Solidarity

Bianca Garcia, 28 Feb 17

»Individual brand efforts and individual factory efforts were not leading to living wages – need to bring all of the industry together. Creation of sectoral bargaining in order to provide a me…

Unit 6, Lecture 4 - Supply Chain Bargaining, the example of the ACT Initiative

Bianca Garcia, 28 Feb 17

»A necessary though not sufficient precondition for sustainable wage growth is productivity growth. Unregulated competition will trigger a race to the bottom wherein higher profits or lower pro…

Unit 6, Lecture 3 - Towards a living wage triangular industry-wide bargaining

Bianca Garcia, 28 Feb 17

»Most important factor affecting workers is the growth and geographic dispersion of global supply chains controlled by MNEs. Power interests in global supply chains are not only looking for low…

Unit 6, Lecture 2 - Worker Strategies in a Global Economy

Bianca Garcia, 23 Feb 17

»GFAs are a policy instrument of trade unions in particular of the global union federation’s, the worldwide representative organizations of sectoral unions. Global unions developed this policy…

Unit 6, Lecture 1 - Intro to Global Framework Agreements

Bianca Garcia, 21 Feb 17

»Key gaps of existing instruments (UNGPs, OECD Guidelines and CSR) are that they are either driven by business (CSR and private initiatives) or hosted by international organizations w/ limited …

Unit 5, Lecture 4 - Gaps in the existing framework

Bianca Garcia, 18 Feb 17

»OECD Guidelines are recommendations on Responsible Business Conduct drawn up by governments not MNEs themselves. Governments that sign the Guidelines make a binding commitment to implement the…

Unit 5, Lecture 3 - OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

Bianca Garcia, 18 Feb 17