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29 Feb 2016, 08:37 PM
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I work @Partena Ziekenfonds, which is an organisation dealing with the obligatory health care in Belgium. We pay back doctors costs, hospital costs, dental care and also provide several services to our clients.

We have just been started with the integration of blended learning by creating digital starterkits for our employees who have to know a lot of technical knowledge to serve our customers.

I have a lot of experience with setting up digital learning on a concept level. Now we play for real and here are my first impressions.

  1. Budget : The focus can't be on saving on the L&D budget. The investment on digital learning is continuous. Not in large amounts but an investment budget to faciltate different types of learning.
  2. Playful : It's not about gamification, which I like and should be integrated, but it's about offering more than the compliance courses. Offer from time to time courses which are outside the scope of your own business or with a weaker link to it.
  3. Mainstream : First look at the topics which everyone needs to have. Scale will help to convince your management to continue on the digital learning path.
  4. Lightbite : Create small learning nuggets. My former president of my previous job once told me about 'the 15 minutes of your time' idea and since then I still believe this is the way you can encourage people to start learning in an automated way. Lightbite is like an appetizer. You eat an apple at 10 o'clock, it gives you energy and half an hour later you already forgot that you had that apple, but it keeps you going. The same applies to your learning.
  5. Enthuse : Create digital learning sources is teamwork. You need your SMEs, they are sometimes too technical, but you have to give them creativity, show them what the possibilities are, think out of the box, let's go wild... This will affect the final product and same will apply to your learners. It's also nice for your technical staff who will be challenged to create something different than just another module. Together with a digital didactics coordinator it will give you more chance to be succesful.

This to just get started. What else would you integrate?


almost 3 years ago

Thank you for that post. Very interesting.

almost 3 years ago

Thanks Bert, I can only agree with you; Our SMEs are to be really valued, the content they provide are the "raw materials" of our delicious small bites. The better are the raw materials and, in the end, the more valuable is the learning experience for learners. Teamwork is really key. As a project manager you will have to keep up the team spirit...

almost 3 years ago

I agree with you Martin.
The most difficult part is to find the perfect digital type of learning (video, podcast, WBT, webinar, ...) before you start to develop your course. Do you have any experience with this?

almost 3 years ago

Reflecting about the perfect digital type of learning, I think we should offer some choice of Media, although I appreciate videos, I sometimes prefer reading scripts, it saves time. Moreover, format matters, podcasts and videos should be short. Exceptionnaly and ONLY when required, they could be longer than a few minutes. I don't think A 90 Minutes Hangout video is the right format, for example.

almost 3 years ago

Hi Martin

Rising the awareness of your SMEs is not always an easy cup of tea. They like to transfer as much knowledge as possible. As i wrote before, I don't believe an online module of 90 mins will have the perfect effect. Cut in several nuggets (LightBites) is a good way to start and push knowledge in small drips to your learners. In this way they won't be overwhelmed and start to enjoy learning as it only take a few minutes of their time.

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