Corporate Digital Learning

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Digital Learning Formats in Use


The types of digital formats that I already use include MOOCs, Youtube videos, virtual classroom, podcasts. I will recommend MOOCS because of the vast talent that will be available to tap from. Moreover, it is self paced. One can study at convenient times.

My Corporate Digital Learning Experiences can be summarized below:

Successes: Learning was always available for me as long as I open the website. Free resources abound for me to tap from. Because it is self paced, I engage in learning at my own pace. I am not confined to a particular place or time. I can basically learn anytime I want!

Challenges: Being a self paced activity, I see myself struggle with discipline. I often push learning activity for a later time. Because I am not in a classroom, I sometimes do not take it a serious as I would take a classroom session.

L earnings: I have come to realize that I can learning anything at all from the web. The amount of information available on the internet is enormous and I do not necessarily need to be a manager in order to understand how management works.Most of all, I have learnt that if I put my mind to it, I can do it. If I search, I will find.

Recommendations: Group study approach should be used when adopting online training/ studies as this helps learners to keep at it. This has worked for me!

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