Digital Transformation I: An Introduction

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Define What Digital Transformation Means to You

Review the previous sections and take a calm moment to define what you think the term means and how you would define the change that is happening. Take a look at the additional links and materials in the previous sections to clarify your definition.

Interview your friends and colleagues for a few minutes during lunch or a coffee break to gain their perspective: How do they define digital transformation? Enter your thoughts into your journal before moving on to the next chapter to compare your understanding with our definition.

Also, please take the time to give us some feedback on this MVP in the discussions.

Digital transformation for me


I think this is best explained by the change in functions / tasks from what could be seen as a manual process to a digital task. Examples include warehouse picking done now via Pow;R / route planning done by ParCon / access to pricing done via Dynamic pricing / Communication between teams on client activities via KliCC - the list is endless - but always it try to help us be more focused and more efficient

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