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Chapter 3 Journal Activity

Magic, Myth or Manmade?

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There is still so much mystery that surrounds Stonehenge, that even with all our 21st century techniques, we have so many questions that remained unanswered. How could a simple people with no recorded language and extremely primitive tools have constructed a monument that "will stand forever"? Throughout history there theories built on supposition and myth and sometimes even magic...


almost 2 years ago

Stone tools are very versatile and their extended knowledge of these and other aids would have been far greater that ours is today.
It is true that they had no "recorded" language, but they clearly had good communication skills. Homo sapiens evolved as the dominant human species because of their ability to communicate and to plan and co operate. What Stonehenge is and why it was built is a mystery, but in my humble opinion the people who built it were not very different to us.
Just some thoughts to add to yours Barbara :-)

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