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»I love to be mentally stimulated. This course offers nuggets of information, glimpses of the past, and the in-depth review of a place that has always fascinated me. Kudos to the University of …

Looking Ahead

Barbara O'Connell, 26 Feb 17

»Clearly, Stonehenge is iconic worldwide. But she has put her influence on artists, poets, writers, musicians and architects in Great Britain over the centuries. The design, the structure and t…


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Barbara O'Connell, 25 Feb 17

»There is still so much mystery that surrounds Stonehenge, that even with all our 21st century techniques, we have so many questions that remained unanswered. How could a simple people with no …

Magic, Myth or Manmade?

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Barbara O'Connell, 25 Feb 17

»I think much of the knowledge we have to date is great speculative information. But the whole reason Stonehenge holds so much interest to so many is precisely the fact that we don't have the a…


Barbara O'Connell, 22 Feb 17

»I think, like many, I have always had a fascination with Stonehenge. As a child, it was all about the stones. The circle. The "what was it for?" and "how did they do it?" type of curiosity. B…

The Big Picture

Barbara O'Connell, 22 Feb 17