Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

Barbara Jancewicz
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»It is astounding how different are the conditions of those who arrived by plane, an expensive way of transport; from the conditions that those coming by boat, face. While the text suggests t…

Migration inequality

Barbara Jancewicz, 25 Jan 17

»An adult is expected to be able to take care of himself, while a child (even 17year old) is supposed to be taken care of. It is a difficult moral problem, what to do with a migrant child. The…

Migrant children

Barbara Jancewicz, 25 Jan 17

»The presented article is very optimistic. It recalls only two studies claiming they prove that the effect on wages is small, the existence of such an effect is undeniable (and in line with the…

Refugees and the economy

Barbara Jancewicz, 25 Jan 17

»Many young men come seeking asylum in Europe and discerning refugees among them fis difficult. Even treating each newcomer from Syria, where war reigns, as a refugee doesn't solve the problem …

Are young men refugees?

Barbara Jancewicz, 04 Jan 17