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exercise week 1


Big question, what is life. What is black, what is white?.
What is evil, what is good.
Nothing can exist without creating the opposite at the moment it starts existing.
Being alive means dying a little bit when someone you love dies.

My favorite cat got killed by a dog 2 days ago

The owner knew that he could not bring the dog, but he did.
He said she was well trained, she wasn´t

Eddy, my kitten was only 3 month, and the most special cat I have ever had.

So that is me at the moment. Thinking about live and death, balancing between heaven and hell.
Eddy dying is hell
me working on a concept to sell my design-work is heaven, mixed with hell. scary, exciting.
Walking on the narrow road between seeing a dream come true, or nightmares come true.
I am Dutch from origin, living in Portugal with my boyfriend now.
The picture here is a diptych I made for design1o1redux, a course I can recommend everybody.
It represents me, what happened, how I want to be again.

I sincerely believe that it is more important to show feelings and emotions in my work, then to make the technically perfect picture.
Which, by the way, is not possible for me. My camera is struggling :) Forcing me to be creative
. enter image description here

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