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I have always noticed the over-use of personal transportation here in my city. leads to polution,traffic,...
my idea is about sharing creating an application that users can state where are they and where they are going with time and fees.


over 2 years ago

Great idea! Geo-location can improve day-to-day urban mobility, ease product and service delivery, and even ensure personal safety and security. However, the economic viability of the project needs to be examined, as an ever increasing middle class population in Africa uses personal vehicles for convenience purposes with no concern for the consequences of unsustainable forms of transportation.

over 2 years ago

hi bahija, good Project. Do you know about BlaBlacar? this aplication Works very well in my country, Spain. If you want I tell you how it Works.

over 2 years ago

I once heard a quote about knowing when a country is doing good, not by how many poor people have a car, but by how many rich people use public transportation. I don't remember the exact quote, but the idea is great. If you can find a way to make people use a more public system, as opposed to using their own car, not only would you help them save money on gas, it would also help pollution, people would be able to enjoy their commute (they could read instead of focusing on driving, etc), and traffic would improve.

over 2 years ago

the practice f sharing a transport exist , we can find coworkers sharing a car to go to their companies specially if its to in an othwer city ,or friends to travel while sharing transport expenses.
the most obstacle how can people trust in the application .in my opinion its savety and security .how can i share my car with strangers,how can i get in a unkown car.

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