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10 Jan 2016, 04:08 PM
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Getting to know each other: please present yourself

We would like to use this platform to get to know each other better.
For that purpose, we would like to use the new journal function which you can access through the green button below. You access the journal anytime in the tab bar through the button "Journal" next to the "Announcements".

Please make a new journal entry explaining where you live, where you work and why you would like to participate in the tutoring programme.

Please click on "new entry" to post a new entry for telling us about yourself. Below the textbox you will find a dropdown menu with the title "Permissions", please select "Course" to make sure your journal entry is only visible to other GLU tutors.


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My name is Babatunde Adebola Oluwasegunfunmi Adedayo Omotoyinbo omo Ayelabola. As that's a bit of a mouthful (and actually a summary in itself), it's often abridged as Baba Aye.

I'm Deputy Secretary General and Head of the Education, Planning, Research & Statistics department of the Medical and Health Workers' Union of Nigeria (MHWUN). MHWUN is one of the largest unions in Nigeria and has a rich history of progressive unionism dating back to the 1930s when it was formed as the Medical and Health Department Workers' Union of Nigeria and the Cameroons.

I'm also active in the broader social movements serving as National Convener of the United Action for Democracy, the pan-Nigerian coalition of radical pro-democratic civic organisations. I do hope to contribute my quota towards an expansive use of the MOOC by workers in Nigeria for enhanced enlightenment about mecahnisms and processes that could be used to defend workers' rights and advance the working class' interests.

It's a pleasure getting to meet y'all....Happy New Year!


about 3 years ago

Hello Baba, Greetings from Nepal. I am feeling very nice to following your journal. by the way have you issued the letter to other national centers/unions to encourage them to join the iversity i.e localizing the MOOC. Next week I am going to write letters to my country level unions to encourage them to join this online course...

Wish you good day my dear comrade ! Hope to see you this year !


Kathmandu, Nepal

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