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Credibility of Legal profession


“Earlier, law was considered as a noble profession, but it lost its charm somewhere in last decade. We need more talented young students to consider law as a career”, urged Justice Santosh Hegde, President, Lokayukta, Karnataka.
But can the young, energetic boys and girls joining the Bar with pure and open mind maintain the zeal in the profession with purity?
By joining the chamber of an illustrious, affluent senior, can the young generation maintain their purity?
Can the professional ethics they learnt be maintained?
They are used by the affluent seniors as an instrument to earn more money, they are used by some as like domestic servant, they are used by some as a part of senior's larger conspiracy.
New entrants, having big dream to accomplish quickly, having seen the affluence around him without access, like a beast of burden, having exploited by the seniors without sufficient contribution to their practical knowledge, fell prey to involvement in activities which can be termed as 'crime, if someone challenges.
Lawyers with affluence found forging signature of Judges to get benefit in lower courts. Incidents are not uncommon where High Court orders are forged to extort money from clients.
In a recent case, Lawyer while giving professional service in making documents related to land, had allegedly involved in conspiracy for earning more money out of the transaction, by involving his family members as well as his chamber junior.
The so called affluent and powerful lawyer could manage the police, lower courts to let himself off from the allegation, but the High Court has quashed the tainted police investigation, set aside the order passed by lower courts, and ordered further investigation.
Let the law prevail......


almost 3 years ago

Hey there!

This is Luísa, your community mentor for this MOOC. I work at iversity and I'm supporting Dr. Jeanny Wildi-Yune in making sure we have a balanced, fun and interactive course community.

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Thank you for your intervention. Henceforth, I shall have endeavor to confine my journal entries within the course topics.
Asoke Kumar Saha

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